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christian louboutin Youth, youth , several years time , Love gone, our youth , may have in mind.

Credits that Faye Wong a "To the youth ," the final strike. Thinking but the entire film , the first impression , this is not like a debut , the entire film is a mature , confident and strong personal style , never like a rookie for the fledgling . I think it comes from the director Vicki confidence for a strong personal values ​​, from the sophistication of human observation ruthless quasi- screenwriter Li Qiang , the executive producer Stanley Kwan's degree from the palm of its capability .

What is a youth ? The hostel is a mess , a christian louboutin small rift between the roommates are always occupied the corridor phone is covered with a dormitory dripping clothes, is to fight hormone , is accounted for less than seat study room , midnight radio, a small hall screaming, is shy wallet is worth of discs, beer and rock and roll, of course , but also ignorant of love.

Most of the play 's characters are a microcosm of our life, the 18 -year-old Zheng micro Yumian small dragon , in pursuit of big quiet neighborhood in the shadow of that effort was admitted to universities abroad in the face of Lin Jing , emotional under frustrated , met Nguyen roommate Wando , but also with a roommate Zhu Northand Shige Zhang forged profound friendship , while wealthy sonheng micro launched a frenzied pursuit, and highly popular boys Nguyen Wando with her ​​typical cold guarded for love, loyalty . And after the micro and Zhang Zheng Xiao Chen is a roommate from rivals to like , from the likes of the stalker , from stalker to be affiliated , step by step , into our former youth.

" You have your Jane Eyre , I'll do it upstairs crazy woman ! " When I saw really mine down , this is how a girl and stalker Daozhui world · · · · · ·

"You are my only one true friend in this christian louboutin school . Sorry ! That you really are unrequited love ! · · · · · · " On the contrary , the outstanding principal and proud Xiao Chen is the daughter of this " confession " failure good classic, finally persuaded to abandon ZHENG Xiao Chen is away abroad when an "I thought , and how are you , I just pity your talent ," · · · · · · doomed pride and face fit that class girl can never love a man with · · · · · · ( article read :

Each of these roles may not be able to come across , but always vaguely see the shadow of someone you know . If people like Nguyen Wando still relatively rare, but this is not a big beauty Zheng micro naughty but cute girls certainly very typical type , Nguyen Wan said to her: "In fact, you are more than I recruit people ," Indeed. Nguyen Wando boys in mind is the image of the goddess , the whole article touched me the most is that after the death of Nguyen Nguyen fat Zhang quietly in christian louboutin her grave pampered bunch of baby's breath flowers had then been the anonymous person who is his goddess is to be such people quietly sought , so think of them in the years after graduation class reunion , embittered against Nguyen Nguyen affectionate hug, how infinite tenderness .

The first half of the movie has a lot of youth symbol , a lot of humor , allow you to easily recall those memories , and that a period accompany the people around you . But I was more like being a lot of critics and viewers called runaway half, about gone. In fact, this movie needed was a little story Nengkanmingbai talent , but more tragic is that I happen to be standing still an occasional look back on the tail of youth people .

Later, Zheng micro Taitailielie neatly into a career woman, faithful guardian of truth for love Nguyen Wando after seven years with the reality will ultimately return to calm . Later, Zhu dignity of a desperate fight for the North in exchange for his life after a lingering pain , become a parallel education and social workers, and even wanted to Xiao Chen is also virtually no cost in exchange for the life you want , but to Finally found living simply deceived him , eventually he became their most christian louboutin hated person.

Youth eventually gone, but the most important thing is that you are a brave heart.

Youth work, we think of vulgarity , succeed , control destiny, Weiaichikuang , after all, are just a Poliphili it. No matter what your life progressed to the stage , which position , when the end of adolescence , you can only sigh loudly : Yes, the original life there are too many things we can do.

Zheng Wei said: . " Any man who is Xiao Chen is also experiencing some of the others afterwards became Lin Jing " When asked about Zheng Wei Lin Jing scars thing, she knew of the existence of Shi Jie , she said something classic lines, "We love yourself more than you love love ." Asked Lin Jing cherish Shi Jie, Lin Jing and then left . Lin Jing Zheng began to lose the micro .

Not love , just missed it ......

Outcome, not the pursuit of worldly heroine stable, leaving a repentant actor cried Shangchunbeiqiu . But all over again , but it begins now , scarred but very real to us.

Nguyen also pleased about the outcome of the adaptation of Wando , last meet with ex-boyfriend , is to give their youth to draw a christian louboutin full stop , rather than that he does not fit .

A beginning to love movies, but the end has nothing to do with love . Love or not love , but also important? After the passing of youth, we gained a new life .

So , I think when Zheng micro bold sang in the auditorium , " red ", I have the urge to feel sad . " Even if the fate of the displaced , even bizarre twists and turns fate , the fate of a man you did not even intimidate fun Do not cry sad , should not give up , I would like to stay with you forever ." Sing this song for the time being do not understand what is displaced and bizarre twists and turns , but she then really want to accompany you around.

Now, only the young and the blood of us, do not know how to " cost" of the word , have not yet learned to calculate the return and then pay to dry out in the future is what we call "silly X" behavior.

However , youth is a city, there are many difficult to let go off the chapter , stay in our memory lake. One figure lingered in the brain , such as the Moonlight Allure ; paragraph story stopped in the depths of memory ,christian louboutin cemented peerless landscape. Follow "Our Town ," all youth cheerful , bright, romantic and sad that we , together to share.

Therefore, the youth without any regrets .